As a lover of olive oil, I began the Tuscany Olive Oil School’s Expert & Sommelier course hoping to refine my palate and broaden my knowledge of olive oil.

Class with Guido every week, gave me more than that—I truly have come to understand the wonderful health benefits of good quality olive oil and have a deeper appreciation for the process.
Guido is so engaging, approachable, and experienced. And it’s evident he’s a trusted member of his professional and local community from the close ties to his partners. He guides you throughout the tasting techniques and freely answers your questions lending to a fruitful conversation.
Not to mention, my olive oil collection has gotten the best upgrade. This class was the highlight of my week and I will implement all that I have learned to my daily cooking and lifestyle habits. I’ve already talked my friends’ ears off about using high quality olive oil, and I’m excited to see if life leads me to applying this in a professional manner.

Thank you Tuscany Olive Oil School team!

Catherine Voluz – New York

It has been a pleasure taking the Expert & Sommelier class offered by Guido Bandinelli, expert olive taster.
I am a lover of cooking Italian food, and now I will know how to improve my recipes by planning to use better quality olive oil. Learning to taste the different aromas has convinced me that the distinctive seasonal flavors are something to be very aware of when selecting olive oil.
As I am very conscientious of my health, understanding the health benefits of olive oil is very important to me.

I look forward to telling my friends about this great class! 

Liz Voluz – New York

I’m the happy owner of an olive oil shop in Belgium (now in the town of Vlezenbeek,
moving to Lennik within a few weeks) selling beautiful premium extra virgin olive
oils. The olive oil is both a passion and business at the same time. As long as I
wished to deepen my knowledge about olive oil, I have started to research online
about olive oil courses and I have been very lucky to find the ‘olive oil expert
and sommelier course online’ of the Tuscany Olive Oil School. I have finished to
attend the course last January 2022 and I can say without any hesitation, that it
has been a very gratifying professional experience! Guido, the olive oil educator
of the school, is capable to transmit engagingly his olive oil knowledge and to
render each lesson of the course incredibly interesting. So am I able to interprete
the chemical analysis of an olive oil correctly since the course, which will be
very helpful in making choices. The other and very important aspect of the course
that I have appreciated immensely is just its ‘practical side’ i.e. we have tasted
a lot of different olive oils together during the course from different cultivars
and I can state without hesitation, that now I know how to taste olive oil
correctly! I also appreciated the opportunity to discover olive oils from Southern
Italy. Being very grateful that Guido is open to answer the questions that occur to
To recommend!

Ann Van Hoye - Belgium


I attended the Tuscany Olive Oil School this past January and February. The experience was more than fantastic. I took the ‘Olive Oil Expert & Sommelier Course’. I am so happy with the richness, knowledge, and the presentation of the vast information around EVOO! 

i just wanted to share some of my thoughts and feelings around taking this course and my learning experience. It’s not just about taking the course, at least not for me personally, It is inclusive of the entire package including the reputation of the school, the instructor-Guido his teaching style, knowledge, enthusiasm, commitment to the in-depth knowledge a EVOO and its health and healing qualities. I learned more than I could have imagined. 

I thought I knew a lot about EVOO due to my personal research over the years. I was humbled from my experience and now realize I am on the right track of knowledge and understanding. I walked away with a gold mine of information, understanding and enrichment of selecting and pairing EVOO. I will treasure this time with Guido and the Tuscany Olive Oil School – the experience will live on well beyond the course. I am sharing better healthy loving meals with my friends and family. What a gift! The gift that keeps on giving!

Thank you so much Guido!!!

joey blue, Taos, New Mexico USA

I just finished an amazing Extra Virgin Olive Oil tasting course with Tuscany Olive
Oil School. The instructor, Guido Bandinelli, was passionate, professional and so
knowledgeable. Guido opened up a whole new world of experience and tasting
knowledge for me to enjoy and evaluate the criteria and components that make up an
excellent EVOO. Guido imparts the course material in an easy, organized and very
understandable manner. He stressed that true EVOO is not only good for enjoying the
wonderful taste but also for improving one’s health with its numerous nutritional
and healing benefits. I personally found the course to be great fun and totally
enjoyed it. I have to admit that the course made me into somewhat of an EVOO snob
(in the best sense)(pun intended).

Molto bene Guido!

Mark O’Laughlin, Taos, NM, USA

My name is Louis Cameron. My wife and I attended the Sommelier Certification Class under the teaching of Mr. Guido Bandinelli in 2021. If you’re looking to learn more about Extra Virgin Olive. The Tuscany Olive Oil School is a place to start. Mr. Bandinelli’s not only instructed us on the positive attributes of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but he insured the during the class we understood exactly what we were tasting in explanation, asked us questions, and followed up during the entire class. We received our Sommelier Certification in May of 2021.

It was truly an enlightening experience! If there is anyone who is looking to obtain a certification, we highly recommend the Tuscany Olive Oil School and Mr. Bandinelli!

Louis and Jacqueline Cameron
Olive Oil Store Owners
Enterprise, Alabama

Louis and Jacqueline Cameron

Louis and Jacqueline Cameron - Olive Oil Store Owners - Enterprise, Alabama, The Olive Fruit - 126A S. Main Street - Enterprise, AL 36330

Guido. Has. Ruined. Me. Forever.
I can no longer tolerate supermarket olive oils. Over the course of my lessons, I tossed all my pantry olive oils. I have adopted the TOOS olive oil standards as mine. Instead of relying on international and industrial labels, I trust my nose, mouth, and all my sensory responses.
This new awareness of complex aromas and tastes in the TOOS olive oils is such an unexpected gift of renewed health, flavor, and joy. I am grateful to Guido for sharing his time, his passion, and his extensive knowledge.
My family is also benefitting secondarily as we taste and pair olive oils with our favorite meals. Our health and hearth are better for taking this class with TOOS!
Thank you Guido!

Claire O’Laughlin - Denver, Colorado

Guido is awesome! His passion for EVOO shines through in his teachings. I learned so much from this course, and now also refer to myself as an EVOO snob. Olive oil will never be the same. It’s so helpful to know about the important health aspects this oil can provide, as well as culinary aspects. I wish I had known sooner! Thank you! Kindest Regards.

Simone Esquibel, from South Carolina, USA

The Tuscany Olive Oil School provided an in depth and very personal course that I truly enjoyed. We learned everything from the chemistry and biology of olive oil to proper tasting techniques.

As a business owner, I also benefited from learning methods of quality checking, food pairing and olive oil preservation to provide my customers the best experience possible.

I highly recommend this school for anyone who wishes to become an expert in extra virgin olive. My instructor, Guido, is truly passionate about his craft and makes learning fun.

Robert Granados Richmond Olive Oil Co.

If you’re interested in Italian gastronomy, then learning about Italy’s olive oils is essential. Guido is a wonderful teacher who is passionate about Italy’s wine and olive oil exports. He is very knowledgeable and the objectives are clear. You will be a more discerning olive oil taster after this experience and understand Italy’s various cultivars. CINQUE STELLE!

Have a great week! I can’t wait to join the next session later this year.

Julie 🙂

Julianne Farricker