Tuscany Olive Oil  School


For olive oil professionals and authentic olive oil lovers!

The OLIVE OIL EXPERT & SOMMELIER COURSE is the perfect olive oil course for all authentic olive oil lovers as well as olive oil professionals (restaurateurs, chefs, importers, distributors, retailers such as grocery stores/specialty stores managers etc.) which are eager to push forward their own OLIVE OIL EDUCATION.

With the OLIVE OIL EXPERT & SOMMELLIER I COURSE I will teach you TO TASTE & TO EVALUATE olive oil correctly, TO PAIR OLIVE OIL with the right type of food and much more else.

The OLIVE OIL EXPERT & SOMMELIER COURSE consists of 5 Private LIVE Olive Oil Lessons online on ZOOM, of the duration of 2 hours each + Final Exam and with a total of 18 different samples of Extra Virgin Olive Oils to taste together.


– 5 Private Olive Oil Lessons of the duration of 2 hours each + Final Exam.
The lessons are strictly PRIVATE (maximum 5 participants in total), that means that it will be just you and me and eventually the people that you choose to add to your class (friends, colleagues, relatives etc).
– Learning material
– 18 bottles – 100ml. each of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– 1 kit with 9 olive oil aromas and 3 olive oil defects
– 6 professional glasses for olive oil tasting
– Final Diploma


The price of the “OLIVE OIL EXPERT & SOMMELIER” COURSE is 600Euro for 1 person (prices valid for USA and UE countries only – for other countries ask for a quote at info@oliveoilschool.it ) and 100Euro per each additional person that you choose to add to your class (friends, spouse, colleagues, relatives etc – maximum 5 participants in total). The course has a total duration of 8 hours plus the time necessary for the Final Exam.


I will send you a request of money right to your e-mail address, for the amount of 400Euro to be paid directly on PayPal and the remaining 200Euro (or more, depending on the actual number of participants  to the course) it will have to be paid on PayPal at least 2 days prior the beginning of the course.


As soon as you receive the olive oils, the olive oil aromas kit and the olive oil glasses, we will arrange the dates and the time of the day, mutually convenient for both of us, for scheduling our virtual Extra Virgin Olive Oil classes online (on ZOOM)

To book the OLIVE OIL EXPERT & SOMMELIER COURSE write at info@oliveoilschool.it